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Initially, I wrote about quite a few travel places or destinations. Today I was thinking to give details about selecting a perfect seat to have an amazing flight experience. Almost everyone, especially when travelling for the first time have a lot of confusion like fares, packing and there is weight limit as well which is quite annoying sometimes. We often neglect the most important thing that is to select the best appropriate seats for ourselves. I have tried to include all the possible seating arrangements that every airplane does provide.
Kinds of classes airlines have.
Airlines traditionally have three travel classes
  1. First-class
  2. Business-class 
  3. Economy class.
    Airplane Seat Map
    Airplane Seat Map

First-class is the super expensive and most comfortable class available of the rest.  
Business-class is a high quality and mostly preferred by business travellers. This class is also known as the executive class.
Flights do provide Premium Economy. It has slightly better seating than Economy class.
Economy class offers basic accommodation and mostly purchased by leisure travellers. It is also called coach class or travel class.

Every passenger has different flying and travel styles that makes selecting appropriate seats a better choice for them. Each traveller is different. Some of us may get airsick while others are comfortable, our readaholic fellow travellers enjoy reading books or magazines and few enjoy the movies or listen to songs. Children are quite eager and if it’s their first flight experience, they will show more enthusiasm and want to make the most of it. Sometimes it becomes a real hard job to make them settle. Crew are very friendly with children. They offer sweets, chocolates and even give them toys (if they have) to keep kids engaged.

Reserving the best seat can be the most satisfactory thing and relieves the stress of the journey. Having booked the ideal seat on an airplane can change your experience from joyless to the best flight. As the model of the plane is not a square or rectangular because of this it has different seating map. Some seats may give extra legroom while few may not recline and the most horrible ones are the middle seats. My personal opinion is that the best are window or aisle seats as they are fairly advantageous.

Airplane Seating plan

You should choose an aircraft which is larger, bigger so as to have a pleasant ride. As the planes those are heavy react less to air giving you a bumpy free ride. Therefore, choosing the aircraft could also add on to a relaxing flight. You could see the list of the aircraft type while you are booking, mostly it’s mentioned near the fares section. The forepart of the airplane is comparatively less noisy and it’s quicker to deplane from here. Choosing the seats near to the engines would be quite noisy as engines produce thrusts and this creates a lot of noise, do consider it as it would definitely concern a few travellers.

Turbulence is a major drawback in flights and is unavoidable. We mostly feel turbulence at the tail of the plane. The best seat where turbulence is less affected is either the front of the aircraft or near the wings or in the middle. Turbulence is felt less in big and heavy airplanes.
One must check the seat maps before making the bookings because there might be minor changes in the seating plan of every plane. Window seats, aisle seats, seats near the front and the exit rows are considered better than the rest of the seats and they are the most preferred ones. Exit row seats are preferable but selecting these seats comes with a lot of responsibility as the passengers should fulfil certain requirements because they should be able and willing to help the crew during an evacuation. The seats in the front are quieter and seats near the wings give a smoother ride.

Nervous flyers prefer the middle row seats. The safest area of the plane is the rear part. Passengers sitting at the back of the plane are the safest. Our long-legged travellers have to be more conscious as to their seat preferences because of their height they need proper space for their legs. If you are tall you must check the seat pitch so that you can easily calculate the distance between the back of your seat and the seat ahead you to get enough legroom. Aisle seats could be a better choice for tall passengers. Shorter people here get the advantage over the vertically gifted people as they can curl up or stretch easily. If one is going for a business trip, they might want a seat near to the exit gates with access to the left-hand aisle for a quick exit on arrival. Whereas in long or overnight flights window seats are the best because one can easily rest their head on the window but whenever you need to use the lavatory you might disturb the fellow passengers. Window seats gives many advantages over other as it is the most comfortable one, nobody will wake you to go to the restroom, won’t get disturbed by the flight attendant while passing meals, and the best is one can look out of the window and even control the lighting on the bright sunny day by lowering the shade and can take a good nap.
Passengers travelling with kids should prefer a bulkhead row as it offers extra space in front for kids to stand after the seatbelt signal goes off. Kids should sit near the window as it would keep them distracted and they won’t move unnecessarily in the plane and it even avoids being hit by the beverage carts. To keep children engaged is a great task while flying. Infants are not allowed near the exit rows. Bulkhead seats are also ideal for extra legroom as there is no one sitting in front of you and you don’t have to worry about passenger reclining into your lap. There are a few drawbacks of bulkhead seats as you won’t be able to put your belongings in the front seat, some planes have these seats near the restrooms making it uncomfortable, gloomy and noisy.

The middle rows are generally the last ones to get booked as they are not much preferred same with the seats near the attendant’s cabin, restrooms as they are quite noisy. If you want the A/C power outlet for your laptop the best option would be to take the middle seat in spite of disadvantages. Since under these seats, you will get the shared power plug and it is better if you are travelling with one of your acquaintances which will save you from an awkward situation. But sometimes you may find interesting fellow travellers which makes the journey more fun. Middle seat passengers get more elbow room than others. Luggage should be kept in mind while you are packing because if it exceeds the limit, airport staff make it really tough for the passengers they are not at all lenient here and please don’t pack stuffs that are prohibited. Try and keep your cabin bag and handbag light-weight.
If you are a frequent traveller you might get a good seat as airlines do consider their loyal customers. They always have packages for elite flyers and they are the first one to get the benefit of any upgrades which is an added advantage while selecting the seats. Bookings made on weekdays would benefit more as it is less busy and you could end up purchasing the best seat. Buying tickets well in advance, if the trips are planned, will be a great help as you may get a good seat for a lesser price. Seat shopping should be done very cautiously as you may get a business class or if you are a lucky one even the first-class ticket just a few bugs more than the economy. Sometimes the aircraft type could get changed at the last minute because of certain issues. You can choose the best seats for the views if you are well aware of the runways for both the arrival and the destination.

Some airlines allow online check-in 24 hours before to get boarding passes well in advance to avoid last-minute rush. You should reach the airports well in advance for hassle-free travelling. It is always better to reach before time because a lot of things have to be taken care of like boarding passes, weighing luggage, clearance checks, etc. Be courteous and polite because it would help you have a great experience. Wish it would be of some help to you in deciding a better seating option for your comfortable journey. 

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