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Brahmatal Trek

Frozen Brahmatal Lake
Frozen Brahmatal Lake


Brahmatal is an extremely beautiful lake in Uttrakhand. Its not wrong to say that it is one of the underrated trek and not many people know about it. During the months of December to March, Brahmatal is one of the tempting destinations. 

Brahmatal trek covers a total distance of 24 km which is completed in 6 days. The trail changes from dense forest of oaks and rhododendrons to snow covered meadows. Camping at Bekaltal Lake and Brahmatal Lake along with the fascinating views is itself a treat. The snow caped peaks of Mt. Trishul and Mt. Nanda Ghunti are accessible to view from Garhwal snow line. 

Brahmatal Trek is an easy to moderate trek for beginners and less experienced trekkers. Most part of the trek passes forest, so there is less chances of high altitude sickness. During winters the trek has a different experience of snow fall and the trail changes to absolute white. Bekaltal Lake and Brahmatal Lake freeze during these months and it gives delightful feeling.


Brahmatal is situated at an altitude of 12,100 ft, above sea level. The temperature during March-April ranges from -3 degree Celsius to 3 degree Celsius. In the months of May-June the temperature varies from -1 degree Celsius to 5 degree Celsius, making it most pleasant for trekking. The temperature between November-December ranges from -5 degree Celsius to -1 degree Celsius. The mercury during January-February dips to -15 degree Celsius to -5 degree Celsius. The best months for Brahmatal trek is in the months of January to February.


Day 1: Kathgodam to Lohagunj

Kathgodam Railway Station
Kathgodam Railway Station
You can take an overnight train from Delhi to Kathgodam and reach by early morning. Take a cab to Lohagunj, which is 225 km from Kathgodam. It's a hectic 10 hour long drive. Lohaganj is situated at an elevation of 7,662 ft above sea level. The road to Lohagunj passes through the changing panoramic views of mountains. You are going to drive from major hill stations of Uttrakhand including, Bheemtal, Almora, and Kausani. Kosi river will be your companion for the first few hours of the journey which flows very gently and later Pindar river meets your path. You will get to see the mighty Nanda Ghunti peak at the last stretch of the road.

Day 2: Lohagunj to Bekaltal

Lohagunj wiew
Lohagunj view
Bekaltal is situated at an elevation of 9,690 ft above sea level. The distance between Lohagunj and Bekaltal is around 8 km which can be completed in about 4 to 5 hours. 

The trek starts post breakfast. The trail passes through dense forest of oak and alpine trees. After walking for a while you will cross the forest and reach a small village called Mandoli on your left. After a gradual ascend you will come across a valley where you find the confluence of river Kali and Pindari. Trekking further, you will reach a place where you find some huts and after that you will cross a wooden bride over a stream. Crossing over the other side you will reach Begum, and take a halt for some time. From here the path bends and after about an hour trek you reach Bekaltal. You are going to stay in camps around the lake.

Day 3: Bekaltal to Brahmatal

Brahmatal is situated at an elevation of 10,450 ft above sea level. The trek from Bekatal to Brahmatal is around 7 km which takes around 6 to 7 hours. On this day you are going to trek on the slopes through dense forest of oaks and rhododendrons tress. The forest opens up in a meadow known as Telandi. During winters this meadow is covered with snow and looks purely white. 
After ascending to some point you will start descending and you reach Brahmatal. Here you will find a small temple and many yellow colored flags. Descending further about 500 m, you will reach the Brahmatal Lake, which takes around 15 more minutes. From here you can get the view of the peaks of Trishul, Nanda Ghunti and other great Himalayas.

Day 4: Brahmatal to Tilbudi via Brahmatal Pass

This day you are going to trek about 7 km which takes around 7 to 8 hours. Tulbudi is situated at an elevation of 11,250 ft. Start your trek early in the morning. You are going through thick and dense forest of  oaks and rhododendrons tress. The trail is zigzag and carries marvelous beauty. After walking for a while you will reach a water crossing which is formed my melting snow. After few ups and downs you will start ascending to Brahmatal Pass. 
Brahmatal is situated at an elevation of 12,200 ft above sea level and the trek to Brahmatal Pass is tiring, but the views from the peak are simply mind blowing. Take some halt and click pictures, sit and relax with the amazing views of the peaks of Trishul and Nanda Ghunti. Descending further, you witness 180 degree view of the mountains including Haukhambha, Mandi, Mana, Nilgiri, Neelkanth, Trishul, Nanda Ghunti, Maitoli. Trekking about one more hour you will reach Tilbudi, you are going to camp here at night.

Way to Tilbudi
Way to Tilbudi

Day 5: Tilbudi to Lohaganj via Wan

The trek from Tilbundi to Wan is 7 km descend, which takes around 5 to 6 hours and 1 hour drive from Wan to Lohaganj. Start early after having your breakfast. The trek is a combination of gradual and steep slope. You will find one spot to refill you water bottles. The trail from Tilbudi to Lohaganj is extremely beautiful and covered with oaks and rhododendrons tress. 
After reaching Wan you will be taken to Lohaganj from cabs which is arranged by your trekking agencies. Finally you reach Lohaganj and stay in guest houses.

Day 6: Lohaganj to Kathgodam

You will be driving to Kathgodam which is approximately 9 to 10 hour drive. The wonderful trek has come to its end and its time to finally say good bye to everyone, with lots of memories and stack of pictures.


The budget for Delhi to Delhi wold be around ₹10,000 per person. The budget is made considering you will pre-book your trip. If you book the trek after going to Kathgodam you may have to pay more as it depends on availability. Most of the agencies take care of your food, camps, sleeping bag, tents, utensils and crampons. Also they keep first aid and other necessary items such as oxygen cylinders.


By Train: Ranikhet Express runs daily from Delhi to Kathgodam. The train departs at 10:40 pm and arrive Kathgodam at 5:30 am. There is one more train named Uttar Sampark Kranti which departs from Delhi at 4:00 pm and arrive Kathgodam at 10:40 pm.

By Bus: Regular buses run from Anand Vihar ISBT. These buses run from Delhi to Nanital. Drop down at Haldwani which is 7 km form Kathgodam. You will get regular buses, sumos or other such cabs from Haldwani to Kathgodam.

Brahmatal Trek Map

Brahmatal Trek Map
Brahmatal Trek Map

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